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You may have read yesterday that The Flaming Lips released an album called "Flaming Side Of The Moon" which syncs up perfectly with Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon” and “The Wizard Of Oz.”

After a press release went out from Warner Bros. Records, a lot of people thought this album was just some dumb April Fools Day prank. Shortly after the press release, The Flaming Lips posted the album to Soundcloud proving everyone wrong.

It was a real album.

A real album for Funny Or Die.

We recorded it on Saturday in Los Angeles in the same studio where “We Are The World” was done. 

Go to to see sketches with The Flaming Lips, Jon Daly, Fred Armisen, an exciting movie trailer for the new Michael Bay movie, “YOSHIMI: FALL OF THE CHOSEN” and full video of The Flaming Lips recording their Pink Floyd “companion album” in one take. 

This is truly one of the greatest, dumbest, things I’ve ever been a part of. 

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